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I/O (Input / Output)
Belief | Gay Porn | Plea Of The Heritic
Renewal | Repression

What's The Chorus
| Sweet and Low | Let Go

In One Ear, 9/24/03
Featured Performer: Eric Richmond
Full length recording.
Video | Audio

In One Ear, 9/17/03
Featured Performer: Talaam Acey
Full length recording.
Video | Audio | Individual clips

In One Ear, 9/3/03
Featured Performer: Rich Logan
Only the audio was usable from this show. 2 hours 23 minutes (full show); unintentional computer beeps on a few tracks.

In One Ear, 8/27/03
The first-ever audiovisual recording of this weekly open-mic event. 17 minutes of footage; some technical difficulties.
Video | Audio

DJ Duckie, "Light Up Good Celebrations"
House music. 25 minutes.

DJ Duckie, "Seven on Earth"
Hard trance music. 39 minutes.


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