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Chicago Music Guide

Chicago Music Guide exists to promote talent from the Chicago land area and highlight national acts that come through town.
By having this site, we hope to introduce you to people you might not have ever known about.

Taissa Lada Designs

Independant fashion designer from Chicago. Her unique line of clothing is a must have for anyone who like to go to clubs. Absolutely breath-taking designs are sure to get you noticed.

Gothic Council

The Gothic Council of Chicago is an organization dedicated to bringing together the Gothic, Industrial, Punk, Ska, Darkwave, Death Metal, EBM, and all other genres of the dark underground culture of Chicago, and to the betterment of the scene through the providing and enhancement of organization, participation, and unification of the Chicago night. We need your help to make this resource great. If you have any events, notice any information missing, or just have a good idea for the site, please email me and let me know. Thank you!

Blaster Ammo

I am the storehouse of the best underground music anywhere. I am like one of those CD's that you pick up at the store and listen to over and over again until you lose it and then when you find it again you start to listen over and over again because you cannot stop because it's just that good yeah I'm good like that. Or even that band that you are going to see that you never heard before and then turns out to be the best thing you've heard in a while and you feel totally relieved that you've discovered some cool new music without the help of corporate marketing aimed at your demographic. I'm like when your old friend asks you and fifteen other of their closest friends to help them move and your buddy's got a TON of shit and you've been going for six hours and then you collapse to get some cold water and it's the SINGLE MOST SATISFYING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE.

Devil Doll Promotions

A Vancouver based Music Marketing/Promotional Network
It's a fresh hard kicking company where fans/indie bands/ and some killer companies focussed on this industry help each other get more recognition.

Roaring Records

Roaring Records is a division of Corsone Entertainment & Concert Productions. Delivering the hottest of musical talent to concert venues, clubs, festivals, and A&R reps at some of the top record labels in the music industry.


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